Supporting God's hands and feet to the nations

Food For Families
75 families across 5 native communities were provided with food staples to support their health and nutrition as a direct result of your generosity.
Supporting Poor Families in the Pandemic
In rural Peru, there is no curbside service for groceries, pharmacies, or other critical supplies to get them through this pandemic. The rural natives fear going to a market town and mingling with many people, not knowing who might be sick. So their only current option is to go without needed food and supplies. We...
Changing a life
In native Peruvian culture, any disfigurement to the face is shameful.  This can impact a person for the rest of their life.  In our first clinic we had a young girl come in that had been in a motorcycle accident a few days before we arrived.  Her face was covered because of her injuries.  Some...
Missions have always appealed to me, and since I started in the medical field, I have wanted to do medical missions.  Yet, I always had ten excuses why anything that came up never worked.  I couldn’t get time off of work, couldn’t afford time off of work, had kids to take care of, couldn’t afford...