Chuquibambilla Peru Medical Clinic

Cleaning Wounds in the ClinicOn the edge of the Amazon Rain Forest sits Chuquibambilla, Peru, a rural native village.  Poor and isolated they struggle without access to medical care.  They work hard long days in the fields and often get cuts and scrapes.  Without care, these minor injuries turn into infections, which leave them weak and unable to work.  Without clean water, parasites invade their bodies and leave them weak and malnourished.  What can be done?  You can provide for medications and trained staff to step in and fill this gap.  A building is being remodeled so that it can be turned into a clinic.  This clinic will not only provide for this village but also the other 25 villages in this native tribe.  By providing anti-parasite medications you can stop malnutrition and give them their strength back.  With trained staff, you are preventing infection and death by providing proper wound care and antibiotics.  Because you care, they will have the strength to continue working to provide a brighter future for their families and their tribe.  Your compassion will save lives.

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