Supporting Poor Families in the Pandemic

Native Peruvian Plantation



While our missionary partners continue to help with the food support described below, we are undertaking an effort to address the medical care needs for the tribe.  We are competing in a competition for bonus money and prizes to help your aid go even further.  Please check that out here; Clinic Project.


In rural Peru there is no curbside service for groceries, pharmacies, or other critical supplies to get them through this pandemic. The rural natives fear going to a market town and mingling with many people, not knowing who might be sick. So their only current option is to go without needed food and supplies. We are working with our missionary partners, who live in the village, to create, obtain, and deliver boxes of food and sanitation supplies to these families in need. They are also educating them on how to sanitize their houses and protect themselves from this invisible killer. $15 provides food staples and sanitation products to keep a family, often about 10 people, healthy and safe!

You have already helped about 75 families, but there are 125 more just in the 6 villages that our missionaries already work with. More help is needed, and you can make that difference for a family to make it through this Pandemic!

Or text “Coronaaid” to 44-321